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We develop transformative medicines and technologies by building agile, focused companies called Vants.

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Our model aligns incentives to drive fast, high-quality execution and rigorous capital allocation.

We employ technology across discovery, development, and commercialization.

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Leading innovation in medical dermatology



Advancing potentially transformative therapies for autoimmune diseases

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Delivering results through nucleic acids

Investor Update
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Our CEO, Matt Gline, shares Roivant's progress and growth as VTAMA continues its positive impact on psoriasis patients, and Immunovant shares a new promising compound, IMVT-1402.

Our Science

Designing Better Molecules, Atom by Atom




We have built an end-to-end platform for heterobifunctional degrader discovery which we are expanding to other chemically-induced proximity applications. Learn more.


We’re expanding the druggable proteome and unlocking the next generation of high value small molecule therapeutics. Learn more.

Designing Best-in-Class Small Molecules

Our computation-first approach is used to design molecules that rapidly reach the desired TPP for disease areas where effective therapeutic solutions are lacking. Learn more.



Our discovery computational platform, QUAISAR (QUantum, AI, and Structure-Activity Relationships) is leveraged to gain critical project insights and desired properties for drug engineering.


Recent Publications

Rigorous Free Energy Simulations in Virtual Screening

Virtual high throughput screening (vHTS) in drug discovery is a power approach to identify hits: when applied successfully, it can be much faster and cheaper than experimental high-throughput screening approaches. However, mainstream vHTS tools have significant limitations: ligand-based methods depend on knowledge of existing chemical matter, while structure-based tools such as docking involve...

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For Investors

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