Environment, Social, and Governance

Responsible leadership is integral to who we are and how we innovate.


Accelerating Transformation Through Agility and Disciplined Governance


Empowering Diverse People and Pathways


Investing in Health Equity and Our Communities


Intentional Environmental Stewardship


01. Accelerating Transformation Through Agility and Disciplined Governance

We designed the Vant model to scale responsibly and unlock strategic advantages.

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Governance advantages enabled by the Vant model:

Creating nimble, entrepreneurial Vants

Vants operate similarly to independent biotechnology companies where each management team is focused on its respective mission and is economically incentivized to maximize value through Vant-specific equity grants. Each of our Vant teams is built with deep relevant expertise to ensure successful execution of its particular development strategy. The Vant model is designed to facilitate rapid decision making and calculated risk taking, by empowering, aligning and incentivizing Vant teams around the outcomes of their specific products or product candidates.

Allocating capital to maximize R&D efficiency

We apply an objective, rigorous decision framework across the drug development process designed to ensure resources and capital are continuously directed towards programs we believe have a higher probability of success and away from those that fail to meet our internal hurdles. We centralize capital allocation decisions at the Roivant level, while distributing operational decisions to the Vants, allowing us to strategically deploy capital in high growth areas, regardless of potentially competing operational priorities.

Maintaining a diversified pipeline with various risk profiles

We have built a broad and differentiated pipeline that includes a commercial drug and several drug candidates across different therapeutic areas, phases of development, modalities and geographies. This approach limits our exposure to several concentrated scientific and biological risks and allows us to pursue multiple innovative hypotheses across our portfolio as we seek to develop therapies for patient populations with high unmet need.


Overseeing ESG

ESG is a priority at Roivant’s board level. Roivant’s Board of Directors, specifically the Nominating & Governance Committee, is responsible for ESG oversight. We have also established a cross-functional ESG Working Group of senior leaders to develop and implement our ESG pillars.


Upholding Integrity, Ethics and Compliance

Roivant’s Board of Directors establishes company standards for corporate governance and compliance, which are operationalized by our business and legal teams. The following policy documents can be requested via the links below.


Adhering to Healthcare Laws and Regulations

As we develop transformative medicines, we are governed by healthcare laws and regulations. Roivant’s policies outline our compliance principles and expectations and can be requested via the links below.


Safeguarding Data

We rely on advanced data technologies to power our Vants. Our policies are intended to protect this data and can be requested via the links below.

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Empowering Diversity

02. Empowering Diverse People and Pathways

Our human capital strategy strives to support the ambitious mission at Roivant. We take pride in enabling our employees to pursue diverse, upwardly mobile paths that are both linear and non-linear.

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96% of Roivant employees who responded to our employee survey stated they are optimistic about the future of our company.

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93% of Roivant employees who responded to our employee survey stated that they either “agree” or “strongly agree” that they are proud to tell others that they work at Roivant.

Fast Company - Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023

Roivant was #25 on Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators list, and winner of the Science and Tech category.


Human Capital Objectives

Our human capital objectives include sourcing, recruiting, retaining, and developing our existing and future employees. We believe we can achieve our human capital objectives by implementing the following approaches:


Strategic recruitment and development efforts

Hire diverse, multidisciplinary talent across seniority levels with backgrounds represented from industries within and outside of biopharma with an in-house talent acquisition team

Unlock unique career progression across Roivant and Vants through “Vant mobility” and offer unparalleled leadership opportunities for employees through the Vant model


Investment in early career development and diversity

Invest in early career diversity by recruiting robust Roivant Analyst (RA) cohorts composed of recent college graduates with representation from top private and public institutions

Encourage top diverse talent to enter the biopharma industry through Roivant/Roivant Social Ventures’ Diversity in Pharma summer internship program for current PharmD candidates


Competitive incentives and benchmarking

Offer highly competitive short- and long-term incentives through both Roivant and Vant equity programs and meaningful performance-based bonuses

Undertake rigorous analysis in partnership with third parties to ensure best compensation practices including internal and external benchmarking and yearly gender pay gap analyses

Embracing Diversity

At Roivant, our goal is to improve human health by rapidly discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines and technologies to all patients. Our success is predicated on attracting and retaining top talent, generating new ideas and promoting an open and collaborative culture.

We embrace diversity across all dimensions and levels of the organization, and we strive to ensure every employee is supported in reaching their full potential. We seek to hire motivated people with diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, and skillsets. As of July 2023, among full-time employees at Roivant and Vants, 47% were female, 53% were male and 36% identified as being from diverse racial and ethnic groups. Among Roivant’s board members, 2 out of 8 directors are female and 1 out of 8 directors identifies as being from a diverse racial or ethnic group. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture where all employees are valued, respected and empowered to create value for patients.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Steering Committee

Our DE&I committee is comprised of a diverse set of employees across Roivant and led by Roivant’s CEO. Committee members actively promote engagement among our employees by implementing company-wide unconscious bias training, supporting the growth of our employee resource groups (ERGs), and identifying community engagement initiatives.

Facilitating Inclusion and Belonging through ERGs

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Develop the next generation of Roivant’s women leaders while building, engaging, and strengthening internal and external communities.



Promote and celebrate Roivant’s cultural diversity, provide a supportive community and serve as a haven of belonging for Roivant's BIPOC community.



Foster education and career growth, awareness of LQBTQ+ perspectives, and enhance our diversity recruitment and retention efforts.

Fostering a Transparent, Connected and Growth-Oriented Culture

CEO all-team newsletters

Small group roundtables to encourage feedback

Quarterly townhalls

Biannual employee 
engagement survey

Learning and development platform with company wide courses and self-directed learning

Tuition reimbursement and annual professional development stipend

Community and connection lunches with the Leadership Team and community-building events

Recruiting and Retaining the Brightest Minds

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We recruit talent from various industries, including biopharmaceuticals, financial services, technology and consulting and emphasize cultural alignment and diversity in skillsets and perspectives.

Roivant’s in-house executive search firm provides bespoke sourcing and high-touch end-to-end recruitment processes across Roivant and the broader Roivant portfolio to meet our unique hiring needs and vision for disrupting the healthcare industry.

Offering Highly Competitive Short- and Long-Term Incentives

We offer competitive salaries, regularly review compensation practices and analyze the equity of compensation decisions for all employees. We also offer participation in equity programs, including an employee stock repurchase program.

03. Investing in Health Equity and Our Communities

Roivant Social Ventures: Advancing a New Model of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Roivant Social Ventures (RSV), a 501(c)3 social impact organization created by Roivant in 2020, envisions a future where every person is born with the right and ability to access medicine and medical care.

RSV partners with innovative companies, institutes and organizations to achieve its three Core Commitments: Global Equitable Access to Medical Technologies, Transparent Access to Research Data and Clinical Trial Diversity. We believe RSV’s public charity model can more effectively drive systemic social change due to how RSV aims to generate substantial social returns and reinvest financial returns.


Invest in early-stage companies with technologies that have the potential to make medicines more accessible for underserved patient groups.

Leverage Roivant’s resources 
and talent to counsel social entrepreneurs at healthcare-focused startups to maximize their likelihood of success.

Embed Roivant’s drug development model into academic institutions, while providing fellowship and internship support to expand diversity at the highest levels of our industry and in clinical trials.

RSV is pioneering solutions to unmet needs and to ensuring global equitable access – and this is reflected in every aspect of its programmatic work. RSV offers a deep bench of healthcare experts through its Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Roivant also encourages employees to volunteer their time on RSV projects throughout the year. Approximately 10% of Roivant employees donated their time and talent to RSV in 2022.

Environmental Stewardship
04. Intentional Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Management
System policy

Partnership with Revivn to repurpose and recycle our electronics and IT materials and related toxic waste

Our offices are equipped with waste management services, recycling, and energy/electricity savings

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